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Programs, Enrollment, and Curriculum


AGELC enrolls children on a full-time basis. The only exception is for the VPK-only program.

12 - 24 Months

One class of students ages 12 to 18 months and one class of students ages 18 to 24 months.

2 Year Olds

Two classes of students ages 2-3 years old and up.

3 Year Olds

Two classes of students ages 3-4 years old and up.

4 Year Olds

Two classes of students ages 4-5 years old and up.

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Enrollment Process

Immunization and physical exam records

Immunization Form DH680

Contact your child’s health care provider who maintains your child’s immunization records. Their office can provide you with your child’s Florida Certification of Immunization (DH Form 680).

Health Exam Form DH3040

Florida’s standardized School Entry Exam form (DH 3040) is used to document completion of a physical examination. It must be completed by a health care provider licensed to perform physical examinations.

Our Curriculum

AGELC takes pride in utilizing the Creative Curriculum and One In Christ religious curriculum to provide a comprehensive educational experience. A lesson plan is posted in each classroom and covers various curricular areas, including spiritual, art, music, language and literacy, dramatic play, as well as small and large motor muscle development. These activities are carefully chosen to be developmentally appropriate, fostering growth and learning in each child.

Aligned with the Florida Early Learning and Development Standards, our curriculum ensures that essential skills and knowledge are effectively integrated into classroom activities. By following these standards, we strive to support children in reaching their developmental milestones and preparing them for future academic success.

Moreover, a daily routine offers predictability and consistency, which are essential for young children’s well-being and learning. However, we also recognize the importance of flexibility in catering to the unique needs and interests of each child. This flexibility allows for the incorporation of exciting and engaging activities that align with their developmental stage, fostering a positive and stimulating learning environment.

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Parent Communication

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We desire to work in partnership with you and communicate openly. Our primary mode of communication is an app called Brightwheel which all parents can download and use to communicate with AGELC. Through the app, parents have access to a variety of functionalities that keep them informed about their child’s experiences and progress.

Parents can receive updates, photos, videos, and schedules, allowing them to engage in their child’s day even when they are physically apart. This feature not only fosters a sense of involvement but also provides parents with peace of mind, knowing that they can stay connected and informed about their child’s well-being.

In addition to the communication aspect, Brightwheel also offers convenient administrative features. Parents can use the app’s digital check-in system to securely sign their child in and out of the center each day. This not only simplifies the attendance tracking process but also ensures the safety and security of the children. Furthermore, Brightwheel enables parents to make tuition payments online, eliminating the need for traditional payment methods and offering a more convenient and efficient solution.

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